Preparing For Next Year’s Project — Week 27

With 2021 a little over half way over, I have already decided on what my 2022 project will be. In this post, I want to share a little of what my plans. Also, yes, I am late once again on my post but it’s up regardless!

The goal of my project for 2022 is “To preserve the memories of my parents and grandparents.” I got this idea when I was talking to my mom while I was visiting them a few weeks ago. We were talking about how her mom had seen a lot of things during World War II. My mom mentioned how she wished she talked more with her parents and learned more about their experiences when they were younger.

And so that is what I want to do. I want to ask my parents as much as they remember about their upbringing, their experiences and so on. On top of learning about my parents, I also want to learn more about my grandparents. My grandmother on my dad’s side is the last person directly related to me in that generation and I don’t know too much about her. She also has dementia now so asking her about things may be difficult.

Even though this is a project for 2022, I actually started this project today. I started talking to my dad to learn more about his parents. I’ve been jotting notes down in a journal with as much information as I can to use for the final project. My dad has been really open with as much memories he has of his parents and it’s been a good start.

Now for the actual project. Originally, I wanted to do a blog and write posts about different memories. But I felt that might be too all over the place. I then wanted to write a book, but my writing is very subpar. Then I had an idea while taking a shower. A video. I have always love things in video format. I also love watching documentaries and was thinking of a maybe vlog-y documentary of my parents and grandparents. I have ideas churning in my head of how this would look but for now, I want to just to get as much information as I can out of my parents.

Anyways this is my plan for 2022. I hope that this project will help me get closer to my parents as well, even though I live over 2000 miles away from them now. I hope you guys will enjoy it and enjoy this read! I’ll see you all next week!




Welcome to my Medium. This page will be used for my 2021 Project!

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Welcome to my Medium. This page will be used for my 2021 Project!

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