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I Helped Start an Esports Organization — Week 10

Now just to be clear, I was not involved with a lot of the “corporate” side of things in the organization. The brand creation, the financials and so on were done mostly by the small group of people who truly created the organization.

I was brought onboard, as well as my husband, because of our history in competitive Overwatch. If you read one of my previous posts, I used to be a manager for a Tier 3 Overwatch team that my husband played on. You can read more about what I did here.

So just a little background of the organization. The organization is called Chicago’s Forge and the organization’s goal is to help create structure and normalize esports as a means for young individuals to learn skills as they do in traditional sports. We are doing this more on a local level in the Chicago and Chicagoland area and hopefully one day be able to spread across the country.

While that is the main purpose of the organization, we also have an Overwatch team that people can cheer on. Our team consists of players from the Chicago and Chicagoland area and we plan to compete at local LAN tournaments. The team’s goal is to kind of be the “face” of the organization in terms of experienced players the area. Some of the players might also mentor or coach some of the local high schools and college. For example, my husband, who plays for the team, and coach both coach the Overwatch team at DePaul University.

This is where I come in. Basically, I manage the Overwatch team. It’s not as intense as when I was a Tier 3 manager. I mostly book scrims, sign them up for tournaments and make sure they’re on time. With my knowledge and experience, I can also provide counseling to high schools looking to start an esports on how to manage them and even provide that service for them. I also provided feedback on some aspects to the organization as well as assist run the social media accounts.

Last weekend, we officially announced who we are during a community tournament ran by another organization called kaiju corp. Since I haven’t been working for awhile, I’m actually really glad to be a part of this and have something to do in the meantime.

If you want to know more about Chicago’s Forge, follow the Twitter and check out the website!

But that is it for me. I will see you all next Saturday!